"Fun and a drug free life style are not often put together in today's society and your program demonstrated that it can work."

- Linda J. Carter, Assistant Principal, Ball Elementary School, Chatham, Illinois

What is CHOICES?

CHOICES is a musical, interactive substance abuse (and more) prevention program designed for second through fifth grade students.

Education through music is one of the most effective ways to reach children, so CHOICES uses an upbeat approach of original stories and songs that promote positive decision-making, self-motivation, assertiveness, and increased self esteem. The program promotes making wise personal choices, encourages a think for yourself attitude and gives permission and motivation to do so.

Since its conception in the spring of 1994, the program has been presented to thousands of children in both schools and youth serving organizations.


Who Are We?

EnRoute Music

At the heart of CHOICES, you'll find EnRoute Music, a locally owned business dedicated to providing quality programs at an affordable cost.

In addition to their work with CHOICES, EnRoute Music also produces a television program called "EnRoute to Music with Nadene and Bill." This program encourages children to explore the exciting world of music and introduces them to many of the music styles and instruments found in the world today.

Bill Stevens

Bill, a musical performer for CHOICES, made a personal commitment (CHOICE) at age 12 to never drink, smoke, or do illegal drugs. At 50, he has successfully maintained that choice throughout his adult life.

After graduating high school, Bill spent four years touring the US as a professional musician, then settled in Janesville, WI where he graduated from and eventually taught at Blackhawk Technical College's Aviation Program. In addition to teaching, his professions have included corporate pilot, flight instructor, aerial photographer, singer/songwriter and entertainer.

After a head-on collision with a drunk driver in March of 1994, Bill resumed his musical career on a full time basis. The CHOICES program is his way of helping to combat drug and alcohol abuse.

Nadene Isackson

Nadene, director and also a performer for CHOICES, was employed at a funeral home where the misery of substance abuse was too often evident. She dreaded the funerals where there was blame, and developed the CHOICES program as her way of helping combat some of the difficulties she saw.

Nadene has a B.S. in Human Resourses and feels her "people skills" are a contributing factor in the success of the program.

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